Energy Coordinator

The energy coordinator is authorized by the laws of the State of Vermont (10 V.S.A. § 1131) and reports to the Town of Londonderry Select Board. The energy coordinator is a volunteer. On December 2012 the Select Board appointed Bob Borella as its second energy coordinator.

The Energy Coordinator is responsible for coordinating existing energy resources in the town and cooperating with the municipal planning commissions as well as other state, regional and federal government agencies responsible for energy matters. The Energy Coordinator may study and evaluate alternative sources of energy with a view toward the more efficient and economical utilization of existing and potential energy resources.

Projects will include public education, energy efficiency and conservation, and the study and evaluation of small-scale renewable energy projects.

CFL recycling is here! You can drop-off your used bulbs at the Londonderry Hardware store in the Mountain Marketplace. R.K. Miles and Chester Hardware will also take used CFLs for recycling. Please do not bring broken bulbs.

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