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Hemlock Wooley Adelgid has been found in Jamaica by the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation along the West River. The VT FPR has asked for assistance in surveying for HWA in Londonderry and the LCC has cooperated and performed surveys around our town. HWA has not been found in Londonderry as of the end of 2013. Further surveys for HWA in Londonderry will be conducted each winter in the month of February.  Anyone interested in participating or learning more can contact the LCC.

 The Asian Longhorn Beetle has infested parts of Massachusetts on our Southern border and the Emerald Ash Borer has devastated Ash trees on our Northern border, in Canada. Both of these insects threaten the future of hardwood forests and urban landscapes. The LCC has been and will continue to monitor the progress of these species and participate in surveying for these in our community. The more people who are looking for these species the more likely they will be found in the early stages, thus making it less complicated to eradicate. We encourage everyone to educate themselves and keep a vigilant eye out for these serious threats


The Londonderry Conservation Commission participates in the the Southeast Vermont Watershed Alliance’s (SeVWA) annual program of testing for water quality by taking samples in designated sites in the West River. Testing is done every other Wednesday throughout the summer and the results are generally made available 2 days later. Please click here for a write-up about the program. Please click here for the current sample report. 


The Londonderry Groundwater Project was a joint undertaking of the Vermont Geological Survey and the Londonderry Conservation Commission. The project was formally initiated in the summer of 2007, and was jointly funded by the Federal government, the State of Vt., and the Town of Londonderry. The purpose of the project was to identify and characterize the various sources of groundwater, primarily for drilled wells, in the town and to prepare relevant detailed geological maps and reports.

The Londonderry Groundwater Study maps and report, available at the State of Vermont website, contain important information relative to town planning and development, particularly information about the sources of our well water and how those sources are regenerated.

WRWA Report 2008

Report on work completed over the summer of 2008 as agreed upon by the West River Watershed Alliance (WRWA) and the Town of Londonderry to source out the high levels of E.coli bacteria as documented by WRWA’s Water Quality Monitoring Program.

Groundwater Study (2005-09)

The research project undertaken by the VT State Geologist Office and the Conservation Commission was completed. The project involved a detailed study of the geological features of the Town of Londonderry, a program to accurately locate drilled wells in the town, and relating the drilling logs of those wells to the underlying geological features. A set of maps was prepared, as well as a report. While the detailed results and maps were discussed at the public presentation, one of the important conclusions is that much of the groundwater supply in Londonderry depends on aquifer structure requiring continual seasonal replenishing, and as a result, groundwater supply can be a significant constraint on development in the town.

Report on Invasives Workshop – August , 2008 

Report on Invasives Workshop – August , 2008

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