Town Maps


Londonderry’s property location maps have been updated to reflect 2016 property ownership. These maps were originally created in 1999 by the late Jules Junker, a visionary gentleman who as the Town’s zoning administrator saw the need for property location maps to help landowners, residents, and town officials.

Accessing the maps

  • Copies of any map sheet, or all map sheets for the entire town, can be downloaded in PDF format below.
  • Paper copies of these maps along with landowner information can be viewed at the Londonderry Town Office, 100 Old School Street, South Londonderry, Vt.

Files representing subsections of the complete map can be accessed by clicking on the red square numbered map boxes on the map below.

image map map 1 map 2 map 3 map 4 map 5 map 6 map 7 map 8 map 9 map 10 map 11 map 12 map 13 map 14 map 15 map 16 map 17 map 18 map 19 map 20 map 21 map 22 map 23

Click here for a pdf of the ZONING MAPS

Click here for 2016 Data list numeric by parcel number

Click here for 2016 Data list alphabetical by property owner