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Food Recovery Hierarchy


There are several food pantries serving the Londonderry area. Click Here for more information.


A limited number of composting bins are available for purchase. See the flyer Compost containers pic w_price list 2017 for more information.


See the flyer Feeding food scpaes to pigs for more information.

Food scraps account for nearly 1/3 of most peoples trash

You can put these scraps to better use by composting! Composting is the process by which microorganisms decompose organic material like food scraps and yard debris, producing a nutrient-rich soil amendment for your garden or house plants.

All material collected at The Londonderry Transfer Station directly by residents, local businesses and institutions, is processed at the TAM Compost Facility in Bennington, Vermont.

Composting organic material instead of putting it in with your trash is an easy way to help the environment.

Composting reduces greenhouse gas emissions (some people estimate that composting a 5 gallon bucket equals 1 gallon of gasoline saved). Composting reduces costs and energy associated with managing waste. Compost is a better use of organic matter and nutrients than sending food scraps to the landfill.

How it works

The scraps we collect at The Transfer Station are taken to TAM Compost Facility in Bennington, Vermont where the piles quickly reach and stay at temperatures of at least 145 degreesF. Because these high temperatures kill any undesirable organisms and break down even tough materials like bones and corncobs, the drop-off program can accept a wider variety of items than most backyard compost bins

Compost Pails

Counter top and under counter/ mud room pails are for sale at The Londonderry Transfer Station and Londonderry Town Office. Click Compost containers pic w_price list 2017 for more information about compost pails.

Tips for maintaining your compost pails

    Try lining the pail with a brown paper bag, or black-and-white newspaper (no colored or glossy), no paper towels. You can dump these linings right in the compost cart with your food scraps.

What to compost

Click here to see a pdf file on what to compost.

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