Development Review Board

Current members of the Development Review Board:

Bob Maisey  824-6632
Esther Fishman P.O. Box 253 Londonderry, VT 05148 824-3306
Terry Hill P.O. Box 396 Bondville. VT 05340
John Lancaster P.O. Box 901 S. Londonderry, VT 05155 824-6986
Christopher Laselle P.O. Box 331 Londonderry, VT. 05148 824-3907
Denis Pinkernell PO Box 2088 S. Londonderry,VT. 05155 824-9633
Dwight Johnson 444 Boynton Rd. Londonderry, VT. 05148 824-9986

The Zoning Administrator is Robert Nied. He can be reached at the town office at 824-3356 or by email.

The Town of Londonderry Zoning Bylaws can be seen by clicking here.