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Non-profit organizations that use the Londonderry Transfer Station may apply for a waiver of fees. Click here for the form to be submitted to the Select Board.

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The Windam Regional Commission has created a pdf file that provides a 2016 updated Town Profile for your review. You can access by clicking here.


Please be aware that any Facebook pages that use the name of the Town of Londonderry are NOT authorized communication from the town. The town does not currently have a Facebook page and all official information distributed from the town is on this website and is sometimes emailed to the town's email distribution list as explained on the right sidebar on this page. Thank you.


Welcome to the Town of Londonderry’s website…

We will be updating this site on a regular basis and hope you will visit often to know about the happenings in Londonderry. Please see the calendar link in the left sidebar.
Please contact your webmaster or the town office with information and suggestions. Enjoy…


The Select Board has listened to complaints regarding shooting and excessive noise at night. Please see the statute below and please abide by the law and be considerate of your neighbors. The statute, says sunset, but the court has deemed the time as 10 pm.
13 VSA §1022. Noise in the nighttime: A person who, between sunset and sunrise, disturbs and breaks the public peace by firing guns, blowing horns, or other unnecessary and offensive noise shall be fined not more than $ 50.00. However, this section shall not prevent a person employing workers, for the purpose of giving notice to his or her employees, from ringing bells or using whistles or gongs of such size and weight, in such manner, and at such hours as the selectboard members of the town, the aldermen of the city, or the trustees of the village may prescribe in writing.
Thank you.


Londonderry’s Town Plan has been reviewed at a public hearing and will be undergoing some revisions based on community input. Click here for the original draft Town Plan. Click here for the maps that accompany the Town Plan. An updated version will be posted when available. Questions may be directed to Planning Commission members. A special thanks to the Planning Commission members for their extensive work on this major revision!!


The Town of Londonderry is seeking bids for each phase of construction of a Salt and Sand shed to be built on the Prouty Land this fall. Please see the complete announcement here and contact Chairman Paul Gordon with questions.


The Select Board would like input regarding the establishment of rules for uses and prohibited activities on the Prouty Land. There have been incidents of unsafe shooting and other inappropriate uses that are compromising the land. The SB plans to post signage regarding uses. Please send your input to Chairman Paul Gordon with the subject line “Prouty Land” or drop off your suggestions at the town office.


Click Here for Summer Parks Events
Music Monday


Music Monday local food specials: Bring a picnic to the concert in the Park
On the day of, just say you are going to the show.
The Red Fox 25% off from 4-6pm
Bar 802 on Stratton 25% off from 4-6pm
Village Pie on Stratton 25% off from 4-6pm
Honeypie 25% off from 4-6pm
Mulligans on Stratton 25% off from 4-6pm
Bromley Market 1/2 rack of ribs, potato salad and corn on the cob $15.00 or
Pulled pork or Brisket Sandwich, potato salad and corn on the cobb $10.00
New American Grill specials TBA
Thank you for supporting our community!!!

Save the Date for Family Fun Day! August 20th

Click Here for more Family Fun Day information

Click the link below to see the most current water test for the Memorial Park Pond
memorial Park water test 3


On Friday, June 30th a deposit was made on a contract to purchase the Frogs Leap property which was sold to secure back taxes and our expenses in owning and dispensing of the property. Details to follow but the town will be made whole on the sale.

Request for Proposals – Haying for the Town of Londonderry

The Town of Londonderry is putting out a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the following service: Haying and baling of the 4-acre Septage field, located on the property of the Londonderry Transfer Station at 7060 Rte. 100. Haying needs to be completed by August 18th.
In your RFP response, please indicate pricing based on 1) if you wish to keep the hay removed for mulch; or 2) relocation of baled hay to another location on the Town property.
For consideration, please submit your bid to the Town of Londonderry by 2:30 p.m. on Friday July 28th. Bids will be reviewed at the August 7th Select Board meeting. Bids may be submitted the following ways:
Mail or Hand Delivered:    Town of Londonderry, 100 Old School Street, South Londonderry, VT 05155. Email: townadmin@londonderryvt.org Fax: (802) 824-4259


The Town of Londonderry seeks a candidate for Zoning Administrator. This is a paid part-time position. Please contact Interim ZA Sharon Crossman for more information.


Summary reports from the Vermont State Police’s dedicated 25-hour service to the Town of Londonderry. Services began March 7, 2016. Emergency Number-911, Westminster Barracks 802-722-4600.

Policing 12-26 to 1-1, Policing 1-2 to 1-8, Policing 1-9 to 1-15, Policing 1-16 to 1-22, Policing 1-23 to 1-29, Policing 1-30 to 2-5, Policing 2-6 to 2-12, Policing 2-13 to 2-19, Policing 2-20 to 2-26, Policing 2-27 to 3-5, Policing 3-6 to 3-8, Policing 3-27 to 4-2, Policing 4-3 to 4-9, Policing 4-10 to 4-16, Policing 4-17 to 4-23, Policing 4-24 to 4-30, Policing 5-1 to 5-7, Policing 5-8 to 5-14, Policing 5-15 to 5-21, Policing 5-22 to 5-28, Policing 5-29 to 6-4 , Policing 6-5 to 6-11, Policing 6-12 to 6-17, Policing 6-19 to 6-25.

 Read the Policing Committee’s Recommendation here.


Click Here to see the latest news and happenings in the July 2017 edition of the Londonderry Monthly.

We have added MailChimp as our method for distributing information to our town email list and will be using it to send the monthly newsletter.

Links to earlier editions of the Londonderry Monthly can be found on this site by choosing the TOWN menu and then selecting NEWSLETTER.


Transfer Station and Recycling Center Hours:
Mon., Tue., Thur., Fri., Sat. 9 am – 4 pm; Sun. 10 am – 2 pm

COMPOSTING – See links to information about food scrap pails and what to compost by clicking here. Click here for an information and here for a guide to composting kitchen scraps.  Composting pails and bins are available for sale. See flyer here.

 Act 148 Fact Sheet. See information here and here.

Please contact Esther Fishman via email or phone (802) 824-3306 with questions. You can also send your email information to this email to be added to the Recycling/Transfer Station email list.

Last updated July 18, 2017